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My name is Derek.  I’m an experienced trainer and love what I do.  I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners on behavioral issues ranging from basic obedience to high level aggression.  I started training out of my love for dogs and have been able to turn it into a career that I find very rewarding.  My goal is to help create a perfect balance between every dog and owner that I get the opportunity to work with.

I have worked with almost every breed of dog and behavioral issue.  From the very nervous or timid, to the very aggressive.  There is no issue that I will not tackle.

Every dog reacts differently to training.  It’s important to me to learn a dog’s personality in order to understand the best way to connect with the dog.  

A dog doesn’t think in terms of dog and human.  They think with the mentality of a pack.  Once the owner learns how to think as a pack, it is much easier to communicate at your pet’s level.